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My mother-in-law arrived Saturday for a week-long-plus visit, which is very welcome since we haven’t seen her in so long. In fact, she hasn’t been with us since the Bean was about six months old, and obviously her almost-three-year-old version is quite a bit different! Bean knows who Grandma is though, and speaks to her on the phone regularly, and was extremely excited about her visit.

On Saturday, at one point I had to take Bean upstairs to change her diaper (no, still not potty-trained, but that’s another post). After putting on a clean pull-up, I stood her up on the changing table and pulled up her shorts. She held onto my shoulders and then sort of absently patted at my bosom.

Background info: Bean is kind of fascinated with my chest lately. She was not breastfed (long story) so she isn’t what you’d call intimately acquainted with the girls. But she often pats them and says stuff like, “Mommy that’s your belly.” So I absent-mindedly told her once, “Those are my boobs.” Smart move, Groovy. Now the kid often pats my boobs and says “your BOOBS Mommy!” But that’s my own fault, isn’t it?

So anyway back to Saturday, she was patting my boobs and said “Those your boobs Mommy.”

“That’s right,” I replied.

“I didn’t see Grandma’s boobs,” she stated in a matter-of-fact tone. “Grandma doesn’t have boobs.”

Trying to stifle laughter, I quickly ran through the options in my head: tell her Grandma DOES have boobs, and risk her then bringing up the subject with Grandma? Ignore it and hope she forgets about it (yeah, right)? Turn back time and erase the word “boobs” from her vocabulary?

“Well, I think she does, but you don’t have to mention it to her,” is what I decided to go with. And shocker: she didn’t mention it! At least not on Saturday…


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